Say goodbye to ear burns and hello to GlamEars!
Protect your ears from burns when using hot styling tools, such as curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers. These tools heat to excess of 400 degrees, causing serious burns to delicate ear tissue.

GlamEars are:
Proudly Made in the USA
 Reusable - easy to put on and remove
Heat resistant to 425 degrees
Made of silicone; safe, non-toxic to skin
So comfortable, you will forget you have them on
Washable with soap and water; air dry
Safely shields ears from the harsh dyes of hair color. Hair color may stain GlamEars, but does not affect the integrity of the product.
One size fits most


Say goodbye to melted combs, warped pill bottles and burned carpet and
say hello to GlamMat! This must-have for every glam girl protects all
surfaces from hot styling tools.

Our GlamMat is:
Proudly made in the USA
Made of silicone; safe, non-toxic to skin
Heat resistant to 450 degrees
The raised, decorative pattern grips hot styling tools as well as shears, color bowls and other beauty items; preventing damage from burns, drops and spills
Specially designed to disperse heat away from any surface it is placed on
Generously sized at 5.4” x 9” to hold more than one styling tool
Created with the glam girl in mind – durable, decorative and designer inspired
Washable with soap and water; air dry
Any discoloration retained from hair dye will not affect the integrity of the GlamMat.

GlamMat also has endless uses.
Crafters will love its superior gripping ability and unique raised design when working with beads, clasps, and other small items which tend to want to roll away! GlamMat is sure to keep all of your craft supplies in one place and ready when you need them.
Secure your glasses, cell phones and remote controls by placing them on one handy surface. No more sliding off the table with GlamMat!
You can even use it under your favorite casserole dish to protect your table and counter top.
Buy one for the man in your life so those little nuts, bolts and screws don’t roll away when he is assembling a project around the house.
Use it in the car to keep your cell phone, sunglasses and other items secure.